Wichita Falls Brewing Co. Expansion

Jun 27, 2023

Along 7th Street has sat a vacant lot for many years, soon this property will be an expansion of Wichita Falls Brewing Co.! The property will feature outdoor seating, sun sails, and the Progress & Provision food truck.

On Tuesday, June 27, Landmark Commissioned approved the design review for use of the lot as outdoor seating area for the brewery. The lot sits in the Depot Square Historic District and had to get approval from the Landmark Commission to move forward with the project. They will preserve the existing tile on the lot and add decomposed granite for the rest of the grounds. Now with approval the project will make a swift turnaround to be open by Hotter’N Hell 100 in late August.

Downtown Wichita Falls Development had the opportunity to assist with predevelopment, the Landmark Commission review and incentive proposals.

This has been an idea that Matt Bitsche, co-owner of the WFBC, has been working on for the past five years. He has plans to fence in the area and is required to have proper egress from the property. The location will provide a shady area for outdoor seating, as the lot faces to the North. Matt sent over a couple photos of their inspiration for the space and well… we are so excited to see this vacant lot activated and their plans come to life!