Walkability here we come!

Jul 14, 2017


The past few weeks crews have been working on repaving Indiana Avenue. Many residents were excited to see the uncovering of the bricks.


We were as excited as many to see the red bricks peeping out for the first time in awhile. Though they are being covered up again it’s nice to see a glimpse of the past life of downtown Wichita Falls. Having brick streets again, although they look great, are not feasible. The maintenance for the roads would be expensive and if there were any water breaks it would be difficult to replace the bricks that would have to be torn up for repairs. Plus, brick roads take a toll on your vehicle.

Even though we may not be getting our brick roads back we are getting a more walkable street. Indiana Avenue is going from four lanes down to two. This means slower traffic and a safer environment for the people walking downtown. Not only that, they are switching from 60 degree parking to 30 degrees. What’s the difference? With a lesser angle more cars will now be able to park along the street. 

Want more info on why we need a walkable downtown? Strong Town is a great resource!

Or watch this Ted Talk by Jeff Speck.