Artwalk Set-Up FAQ

Feb 28, 2020

Here are some frequently asked questions about participating in the After Hours Artwalk in Downtown Wichita Falls.

What days are the Art Walk? The 2023 AHA! season is the first Thursday of each month from April to October.

Where is the Art Walk held? The art walk actually covers quite a bit of downtown, the majority of stops lying between 6th and 10th street from Ohio to Austin.

I am an artist/ artisan. What do I need to do to set up at the art walk? There are a couple different ways. You can set up along the sidewalks or inside the Farmers Market.

What do I need to do set up on the sidewalk? And where can I set up? There is no fee but we ask that you contact the adjacent business/ property owner for permission. Please set up closest to the building and leave the pedestrian walkway against the curb. Leave 5ft. of space for wheel chairs and strollers to be able to pass by. Full business directory.

What do I need to do set up at the Farmers Market? And where do I set up? There is an application that will need to filled out. It is $30 for a 10×10 space for the evening. There is some electricity available and granted on request if there is availability. An email will be sent out the week of the event with the layout showing your spot. Those who choose to sign up for the season will be granted preference and hold the same spot all season. Here is the link to the application:

Do I need to collect sales tax? The Small Business Development Center is a great resource. Send them an email at with any questions! You can also take a look at the Texas Comptroller office FAQ page. To apply for a permit click here.

I am a downtown business but we are not art or food/ entertainment related. Can I still be involved? YES! Please contact the Downtown Development office and we can brainstorm ways to be involved.

I am not an artist or a downtown business. How can I be involved? Please email our executive director, Jana Schmader at, for sponsorship opportunities.

Updated: February 2023