Rheagan Ortega

Oct 10, 2021

“I’m a big supporter of being outside, being barefoot. Every day, unless I mean obviously you know you can’t do it every day, but getting out, touching the earth, and just kind of saying a silent prayer of gratitude. You know, to be able to do that, to be able to like connect to Mother Earth and all the things that she’s given us and to be in our physical bodies and to be able to feel that and, and really embrace that and I wish more people would do it, make it a habit every morning when you go out and have your morning coffee and just take a little walk in the grass and just feel for that energy, we deplete ourselves so much that we’re often we’re too tired to do any of that but it’s really rejuvenating.”

“That that’s super important to me being outside and that’s a huge, huge part for me and one of the reasons why I love doing it, like at the Farmers Market outside right there, just the trees and it’s just beautiful and it really helps you kind of become present in that moment, there’s all of this happening, but I can stand here and I can close my eyes and I can feel the ground beneath me and know that I’m in a safe space, powerful feeling, super important. I grew up barefoot all the time, running around, that’s something that my, my parents, my grandparents have really instilled in me is just to make sure you make that connection, you know, because we’ve got to be grateful for the world that we’re able to have this opportunity to take up space on. It’s a privilege to be here and to be living your life, so we don’t look at it more as a chore, and it just takes away all the beauty of it. Put your feet on the earth.“

“I’ve had all different kinds of snores happen. I’ve had eighty year old man snores, tiny little soft snores. And then, you know, I’m going to say it, and I know that a lot of yoga teachers will agree with me if they read this, that farting is a natural thing in yoga, you’re moving your body, you’re moving your things around. Now, however, how that fart comes out is the real story. Sometimes they’re silent but deadly, sometimes they’re little toots, sometimes they sound like a cannon coming out of your butt, it’s just your body moving that stuff around it is 100% completely normal for it to happen. And it has happened to me a lot over the past 10 years. And I’ll laugh every time it’s fine. Like I will call you out, but we’ll laugh. We’ll laugh about it and then cut up about it and all, but that’s completely normal.”

-Rheagan Ortega