Prop G for Downtown

In February of 2018, the Wichita Falls City Council passed an ordinance calling a bond election that will be held on May 5, 2018.

A major step for revitalization and continued momentum of our Downtown is the addition of a proposition on the ballot specifically for downtown infrastructure and beautification totaling $21.9 million. So first…remember PROP G.


For the past several months, the Downtown Revitalization Steering Committee and its subcommittees have been hard at work with consultants to develop a multifaceted plan to rejuvenate the district and repair the oldest infrastructure in our city. Now it is time to bring this incredible plan to our citizens.

What does Prop G include?

The official election ballot reads: “… in the aggregate principal amount of $21,900,000, for the purpose of designing, constructing, installing and equipping street and sidewalk improvements, parking lots, landscaping, pedestrian areas and related beautification improvements in the downtown area, and the acquisition of land and interests in land necessary therefor…”

Examples of Proposed Streetscapes of the Core Area:

Highlighted Additions/Changes/Proposals


Why is Downtown Revitalization important?

The revitalization of downtown effects many critical factors including our growth curve that has been stagnant since the 1960’s. In order to increase quality of life for all, bring in industry, grow Midwestern State University & Vernon College, provide better amenities and opportunities to Sheppard Air Force Base, we must have a vibrant and restored downtown district. Every one of these components operate in concert with one another. Downtowns are the most iconic and powerful symbols for any city and give a clear indicator the social and economic health of a community.


The future of our community depends upon our ability to attract and retain the talent that our employers need.  Today’s workforce (and everyone, frankly) wants a vibrant business district where they can work, play and live.  Great cities embrace their downtown as their heart, their soul. For the rest of the world to see Wichita Falls as a great city, we must throw every ounce of our strength into downtown.  It all comes down to how competitive we want to be.   If you want this city to grow, if you want more industry, if you want your kids and grandkids to stay here, then support downtown.  How competitive do you want us to be?                                            -Henry Florsheim, President & CEO-Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce

Although I am a 35-year transplant to Wichita Falls, this is MY HOMETOWN!  Supporting any and all improvements  to MY HOMETOWN is vitally important to me.- Teresa Pontius-Caves, President-Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation

I am a longtime, avid supporter of our downtown, and love the revitalization efforts that I have been seeing the past several years.  Proposition G of the proposed bond projects and expansion of those efforts is incredibly exciting.  With it’s proposed new sidewalks, intersections, lighting and landscape, Prop G promises to continue efforts to make downtown a vital, walkable area for Wichita County and surrounding areas to enjoy.  Proud to be Downtown Proud!                       -Shannon Coppage, President-Young Professionals of Wichita Falls


What will Proposition G cost you?

The rate for Prop G is $0.0261 per $100 of assessed taxation valued.

Example: $100,000 valued property=$26.10 per year, $2.18 per month

Invest in what you cannot see, but you can dream of!

…You can’t afford not to….

What will Proposition G gain you?


Voting Information:

Early Voting: April 23-May 1

Election Day Voting : May 5,  7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

 Click here for the precinct map

Click here for information on all 7 propositions


How can I get more information or get involved?

Come chat with the Board and Staff of Downtown Wichita Falls Development at our Brews & Bond events.

Tuesday, February 27, 8am: 8th Street Coffee House

Tuesday, March 20, 8am: Odd Duck Coffee

Tuesday, April 24, 8am: Hook & Ladder Coffee Co.



Friday, March 9, 5pm: The Broken Tap

Friday, April 13, 5pm: Wichita Falls Brewing Co.

Friday, May 4, 5pm: Iron Horse Pub