Possibility People

Jul 7, 2021

Follow Downtown Wichita Falls Development‘s new photo series, Possibility People, as we talk to those in our community that you may pass on the sidewalk, share a pint with at the pub, and are contributing to the revitalization of Downtown Wichita Falls in their own unique ways.

The past of Downtown Wichita Falls can be told by the buildings that have stood for over 100 years and through the memories we share with each other. The present is told by the people who are here now, making a difference in our community to write a brighter future.

From cultural vitality to diverse lifestyles, the fabric of Downtown Wichita Falls is woven with unique stories of volunteers, entrepreneurs, leaders, artists, investors and more. These people are our neighbors, friends, and colleagues. They are the ones that see a challenge and face it head on. The ones that see potential in vacant structures then bring it into reality, and the ones that see the possibility that change is within reach if they just go for it. Possibility people make our community vibrant.

Their stories are not of what they are doing now, but what has led them to a place of wanting to create a better community for all of us. We go deep in some stories and appreciate everyone’s willingness to open up. At the beginning of each interview they are told that they only have to share as much or as little as they would like. We know it’s not always easy to talk about subjects of which you have over come and we try our best to give our interviews all the respect they deserve and we hope you do the same as you read their stories .

Know someone that is doing amazing things downtown and their story should be told? Nominate them by sending an email to Jeanette at marketing@downtownproud.com.