Park Central Activation Project

Jan 6, 2022

Park Central has always been a jewel for Downtown but underutilized and in need of activation. This large green space is a gathering spot for our district business community, residents and visitors alike. Seeing the need for enhancements and in line with the Downtown Streetscapes Plan, Downtown Wichita Falls Development began the undertaking of activating the park and creating a community living room by adding elements that everyone can enjoy and in doing so, our community grows and gathers 

Enhancements include all new lighting, 15 new benches for conversation and enjoyment (and based on the kiddos here yesterday these are now the new downtown drum set), a billboard for people to learn about downtown events, a pet station for our 4 legged friends, and our crown jewel sculptural placemaking project with the emblems and the letters “WFTX” representing Downtown and the City of Wichita Falls. Our intent is that through this placemaking sign, we have created a site that transforms and focuses on public spaces and strengthens connections between people and Wichita Falls. 

A lot went into this project and the support we received for it is a monument to Downtown as a cornerstone of the community and also reiterates everyones desire to see this district thrive. DWFD wants to thank the City of Wichita Falls for letting us take on the vision the park. A lot of departments were involved in this process, but more specifically City leadership and administration, property management, and parks department. Wouldn’t be possible without you all on board. There’s nothing greater than someone in my position being able to sit in front of stakeholders of the community and share a vision and receiving support with enthusiasm and collectiveness. The “W” behind us is sponsored by J.S. Bridwell Foundation, the “F’ is sponsored by Brian’s Plumbing, and the “T&X” is sponsored by Texoma Community Credit Union. We would like to thank those who donated to us during Texoma Gives, thank you for buying into the idea of a community living room and for selfless donations to the cause.