Katie Tourmaline

Aug 1, 2021

“Once you get to a point where you don’t care what anybody says, you will literally tell somebody, I’ll take that to my grave. That’s how. That is how my sisters did it. That is how my little brother did it. That is how I did it. And I did it for a different reason. My family did it because, well that’s just how that’s just how they grow up. That was how they became adults. Me, I had to do that. Specifically, just so that I can survive.”

 “I did that so that I can survive.”

“Taking pictures of buildings and landscapes and stuff like that was some of the first pictures I took. I would be standing in the middle of the street while it’s dead, just taking good pictures. The landscapes in the cityscapes down here especially Eighth Street going this way before you hit the Wichita Tower like right as you’re at Texoma Community Credit Union and it will sit there and tower over everything. I love taking that specific picture, it’s just so beautiful. I really love it. I just want to be kind of like a jack of all trades photographer. I want to be able to be that person that you can just call and be like, yo, hey I need some pictures done. Okay, cool. What do you want? This right here? Okay cool, I got you.  I’ll hang out with local area photographers and I’ll just learn from them. I want to make sure that I give my models, like a little bit of free rein to kind of do what they want to because it’s our canvas not just mine, it’s ours. So, I want to kind of give them a little bit of space to do whatever they want to do and I’ll be the one to capture it. I don’t know how to pose people, you know, I never exactly posed my action figures, I just set them on fire.”

– Katie Tourmaline

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