Jeanette Charos, Marketing Director

Jul 24, 2020

Hey everyone! Jeanette here! I get the pleasure to brag about how much I love my job as the Marketing Director for Downtown Wichita Falls Development!

But first, let me tell you a little bit about me. I was born in southern Colorado and grew up camping, fishing, and exploring the mountains. Quite a change when I moved to Texas with my family as a teenager, but I have found the beauty in those Texas sunsets! I moved to Wichita Falls after graduating from Burkburnett to attend Midwestern State University. That same year I began my journey with KFDX working in production, then the newsroom and lastly working in the Creative Services department.

I first got involved with Downtown Wichita Falls Development by volunteering to help with the marketing for Zombie Crawl, in 2015 the opportunity opened up for me to become part of the staff. The passion and commitment I saw in fellow volunteers, board members and staff had for Wichita Falls was infectious and ultimately led to me deciding this would be home, that and not dealing with -25 winters. Ew.

My passion as long as I could remember has always surrounded around photography (thanks Grandma!) or creating beautiful things. Being the Marketing Director for DWFD allows me to mix my passion for creating images, historical preservation, and working with small business to succeed. Along with marketing my roles include event production, Farmers Market rentals/ management, working with the area businesses, and helping visitors have their best experience. My favorite part of the job is truly sharing downtown through my eyes. Some of my favorite accomplishments would have to be the branding of the Downtown district that we worked with Hoegger Communications on, the purchase of our building at 709 Indiana Ave., the historical preservation work at Zales, and seeing all the happy faces at each of our events. I may or may not have cried at almost every City Lights parade when I see the massive crowd and all the kids experiencing the magic of the season.

For the last 3 1/2 years I have lived Downtown at the Holt Apartments and I truly LOVED the experience! Being able to walk to work, my favorite restaurants, the Farmers Market, and to nightlife is truly an experience of it’s own. When I first started the job I felt like this would be a great way to fully submerse myself in the downtown culture to best market it. I recently had a baby boy and felt like going a bit back to my roots by having lots of trees, a garden, and giving him a backyard to run around in, so I bought a house. But I sure will miss living in the middle of everything going on.

View from the top floor of the Holt Hotel.
View from the top floor of the Holt Hotel after a good ole Texas Spring storm.