Future of Wichita Falls Farmers Market

Jul 22, 2022

July 22, 2022

Wichita Falls, TX – Downtown Wichita Falls Development is taking a step forward with the future of the Wichita Falls Farmers Market at 713 Ohio Ave. in Downtown Wichita Falls. DWFD wants to ensure the success and longevity of the Market as an anchor in Downtown Wichita Falls.

In effort to keep an active and successful farmers market in downtown, Downtown Wichita Falls Development has made the decision to not renew the lease with the Wichita Falls Farmers Market Association. The Wichita Falls Farmers Market Association has stated that they would be unable to make the proposed offers viable for them without having to raise booth prices. In an effort to provide security to the local farmers and vendors DWFD will absorb all expenses set forth in the contract DWFD holds with the City of Wichita Falls. DWFD is also committing to the hiring of a market manager and will resume responsibility of marketing.

While it is unfortunate that we could not come to agreement with the Wichita Falls Farmers Market Association, DWFD would like the public to know that we are committed to the farmers and local businesses that see the impact that the Downtown Wichita Falls Farmers Market creates.  DWFD absolutely understands and respects the power of like minded individuals coming together for a cause. This change only means that the Farmers Market Association will no longer be responsible for the financial burden of the Farmers Market, including marketing and hiring of a market manager. However, no vendor will be required to join the association in order to do business at the market, and association membership status will have no impact on rental fees or space allocation at the market.

Downtown Wichita Falls Development  invites the farmers and vendors that have participated at the Market to stay. Stall fees are set by the City of Wichita Falls per the contract with Downtown Wichita Falls Development as $20 a stall per market day for farmers (producers) and $25 a stall per market day for non-producers. There will not be any membership fees due to vendors that participate in the market.

Downtown Wichita Falls Development is responsible for utilities, supplies, maintenance and upkeep and will also pay 50% of stall fees collected and rentals (after allowable expenses) to the City of Wichita Falls to build a fund for major repairs and capital improvements to the facility as per our contract with the City.

We recognize that the Market is a staple to our community, an incubator for small businesses, and an important access point to our local farmers. The goal is to make it more hospitable to our local farmers and specialty vendors.