Dustin Nimz, Nimz Law

Jul 18, 2021

“There are definitely people that I represent that are innocent and they need help to be able to show that to the police or to the district attorney or to a judge or a jury. And I love being able to do that. There’s a lot of care that goes into that when you have someone in that situation that truly didn’t do something and needs to have that defense, but you know there’s also people that I represent that did what they’re accused of. And I’m really there to sometimes show why it happened, and to show the reason and to get them in a situation where this isn’t going to happen again. And to make sure that what happens going forward is going to be fair.”

“I’m sort of that check on the courts and on the district attorneys to make sure that what happens in that courtroom is fair and that their story is told.”

“Probably the biggest effect on my practice is learning over the years is that it’s not about being slick or trying to fool people. Learning that honesty, learning that finding the emotion in a case and being able to tell that is really the most effective way and that’s what’s really kind of transformed my practice is learning more about myself, and learning how to talk to people in a way that’s honest and kind of really gets what we want out there.”

“I love working with my friend, Scott. We met in high school, on the debate team. And, you know, those are still some of my best friends. We sort of grew up together in high school and went to college together and then we went to law school together. We both moved back here at the at the same time and for the last almost four years now we’ve officed together, we have different firms but in the same office and it’s great. I love having a friend here and who is also someone that practices at a high level but does it the right way. We share values but we also get to share a lot of fun too. That’s something that is an important part of my life.” 

-Dustin NImz, Nimz Law

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