Downtown Wichita Falls Mural Project Approved

Jun 28, 2016

Today, the Wichita Falls Landmark Commission unanimously approved a mural to be installed on the Historic Zales Building. The project, funded by The Priddy Foundation is a joint endeavor from the Wichita Falls Museum of Art at Midwestern State University and Downtown Wichita Falls Development.

 “This is exciting news that the Arts for All Mural will be located in the heart of downtown Wichita Falls. Ultimately, the mural will be significant in the life and cultural history of the city,” affirms Museum Director Dr. Francine Carraro.

The construction of the “Arts For All” mural will be a collaborative process by which Artist Ann Farley Gaines of Chicago will direct professional artists, MSU and WFISD students, and amateur artists of all ages to create a mixed-media mural. 

The goal of this project is to create engaging, attractive artwork that instills pride for residents and beautifies our downtown. 

According to Cynthia Laney, Executive Director of Downtown Wichita Falls Development, “The mural promises to be an engaging, attractive artwork that instills pride for residents and beautifies our community. While improving the visual and aesthetic experience, the project will also promote the revitalization of downtown Wichita Falls.” 


In August 2016, there will be a three-day workshop where Gaines will engage local artists to help complete the mural. The Wichita Falls Museum of Art will provide further details on how to participate in the workshop. The mural is expected to be installed in June 2017. 

About the Artist: Anne Farley Gaines, Artist of the Arts For All Mural Project, has completed several collaborative urban mural projects in the Chicago area. Gaines will design, orchestrate the construction, and oversee the installation of the mural. Gaines has an MFA from Bowling Green State University. As an independent self-employed artist, Gaines has completed commissions for private and public clients.

Gaines has chosen the title “Blue Skies, Golden Opportunities, Red Sunsets” for the mural.