Downtown, the Community Living Room

Aug 29, 2019

This year Downtown Wichita Falls Development is encouraging citizens to help us make Wichita Falls’ “community living room” a more welcoming and engaging place. 

How to do we create a “community living room”?

Downtown Wichita Falls is the heart of our city and we are working hard to create a place that people want to be. Whether it is for entertainment, dining, or just a spot to hang out, we want Downtown Wichita Falls to be the destination they come to. Therefore, purchasing loungers will entice people to spend more time outside and downtown! We have asked on our social media channels what downtown is lacking. We received quite a few responses of wanting more green spaces and providing a place for younger families to hang out. By creating a “community living room” we are hoping to address those requests. Subsequently, bringing the community together to share ideas, mingle, and make memories. 

What will the money go toward?

We are hoping to add the boa loungers (pictured below) to Park Central at 8th and Scott. This park/ green space is right in the middle of downtown and is currently underutilized. There are a few picnic tables, but other than that there is no draw for people to use the park. Purchasing the loungers will create a space that people will want to spend time outside, cultivate new interactions, and encourage people to spend more time downtown. These unconventional loungers are a pop of bright color that will make the space look more appealing. Their unusual shape make them fun and interactive for kids. Our goal: $7,000, to purchase boa loungers for Park Central