Discover the Perfect Fit

May 23, 2023

Welcome to Downtown Wichita Falls, where fitness enthusiasts and wellness seekers can find a plethora of workout options to meet their health goals! Whether you’re a gym enthusiast, a yoga aficionado, or looking to take your fitness routine to new heights with aerial workouts, this vibrant city has it all. From hitting the Wee-Chi-Tah trail on your mountain bike to serene yoga studios and adrenaline-pumping aerial studios, Downtown Wichita Falls offers a diverse range of fitness opportunities for every individual. Get ready to explore the exciting workout scene in this dynamic Texan city, where you can elevate your fitness journey to new heights while enjoying the charm and energy of the downtown area.

1989 Pole

Looking for something a bit different than a regular gym? 1989 Pole offers classes on floor work, belly dance and classes on the pole. Located in the iconic Big Blue, 1989 Pole is sure to break you out of a slump and get back to enjoying fitness!

pole fitness class

50 Plus Zone

From Tai Chi to line dancing, the 50 Plus Zone is here to keep you moving! They have balance classes and even bring in live bands! On top of their fitness classes the 50 Plus Zone’s calendar is full of fun activities!

Center Court Athletic Club

Perfectly located in downtown for those weekday for weekday workouts, the Center Court Athletic Club offers free wights, racket ball courts, and even a sauna. The gym is accessible 24/7 by key card access and offers an quiet atmosphere.

Circle Trail

The Wichita Falls Circle Trail presently consists of over 20 miles of concrete trail. You can hop on the trail in downtown at the MPEC at 5th Street. The trail is great for runners and cyclists and takes you through amazing parks like Lucy Park and Williams Park.

Downtown YCMA

Located on 9th Street, just a couple blocks from downtown’s major office buildings. The Downtown YMCA has great updated equipment, basketball court, and classes for everyone!

Great Scott Yoga Studio

Great Scott Yoga Studio teaches a style of yoga that is a great fit for everybody despite age, size, or ability level. Step into a class with the intent of living life to your highest potential. Not flexible or strong enough? Don’t worry, you’ll get there! They offer modifications and provide detailed instructions to help you find your full expression of the poses.



Weightless offers low-impact, high-intensity workouts in an encouraging and accepting environment. Hop in the silks and do some aerial yoga, there are bungee classes, and even mommy and me classes and little circus classes for kids!

bungee fitness

Wee-Chi-Tah Off Road Trail

13 miles of dirt, hills, and adventure make up the Wee-Chi-Tah Trail! Its open all year round and offers a variety of challenges for all levels of mountain biking. Trail runners are welcome, just make sure to read the signs and go the appropriate direction and do not use after heavy rain.

Other Downtown workout options:

Depot Axe Throwing

Give those a biceps a workout by throwing some axes at the Depot Axe Throwing Lounge. They also have a really nice lounge that serves prohibition style cocktails. Axes not quite your thing? The Depot Axe Throwing Lounge also has darts, pool, shuffle board, and corn hole.

Midnight Riders

Wichita Falls Midnight Riders are a group of individuals who meet the last Saturday of every month to celebrate the love of human powered transportation and the fraternity it brings. Each month, different destinations will be chosen for us to amass and make course throughout the night. It can be bars, restaurants, public fixtures or even your backyard! All walks of life are encouraged to join as long as you know how to ride safely and keep the rubber side on the ground. Helmet and bike lights are mandatory.

Midnight Riders cycling group

Golf Factory

Coming soon to 922 Indiana Ave.! Follow their page for updates!