Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame

The mission of the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame (PWHF) is to maintain organized volunteerism that preserves and promotes the dignified history of professional wrestling. Our purpose is to enshrine and pay tribute to professional wrestlers who have advanced this national pastime in terms of athletics and entertainment. We will remain steadfast in our efforts and energies to secure and enhance the structure of our Museum, and generate community and commerce building events for betterment of the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and the area that is its home. In doing so we will acquire and maintain records, memorabilia, and artifacts related to professional wrestling. These enterprises will advance the legacy of the sport of professional wrestling, and give due credit and commemoration to those who have contributed to its greatness.

712 8th Street, Suite 100
Wichita Falls, TX 76301

Phone: (844) 307-7943

PWHF the only non-profit Hall of Fame dedicated to Professional Wrestling

Wednesday - Friday: 10AM - 5PM
Saturday: 10AM - 6PM
Sunday: 1PM - 5PM