Board Profile: Guy Dunn

Jul 8, 2022

Downtown Wichita Falls Development, Inc. is supported by the board of directors that volunteer their time for the mission of the non-profit. Guy Dunn has served Downtown Wichita Falls since 1994 through Visions of North Texas and later Downtown Wichita Falls Development when formed in 2000. Guy has recently rolled off of the Board and into the Advisory Board for Downtown Wichita Falls Development.

I was raised in Memphis, Texas, and had only been through Wichita Falls on the way to Dallas. I moved here in 1967, and after retiring from real estate in 1990, the opportunity to manage the First Texas Building became available and it seemed like a good fit. I stay here because I like the size of the city and the people who reside here.

In the early 90’s, I was appointed to a commitee by Mayor Michael Lam to study the needs of downtown and out of that in 1994 North Texas Vision was formed and I became a part of that and have been a member ever since.

I remember the first City Lights Parade we had and how happy everyone was to come downtown (for many the first time in many years) and how they spoke of their fond memories of downtown.

Guy Dunn, Downtown Wichita Falls Development, Board of Directors

How would you encourage someone to get involved with Downtown Development?

To volunteer at events we have.

What is the importance of Downtown Wichita Falls Development?

To assist, encourage and retain businesses and to change the preception of downtown.

What do you hope for the future of Downtown Wichita Falls?

I hope this board can attract and maintain businesses and residences, which will necessitate more growth of things like cleaners, grocery stores, etc.

Best downtown food recommendation?

Gidget’s for consistency and Karat for their brunches on the weekends.

Thank you Guy Dunn for all your years of service! For a full list of board of directors click here.