Bettzy Rodriguez

Aug 15, 2021

“I think it was more of my grandma pushing my mother to come, my mom really didn’t want to come. I mean at that age, you just want to be with the people you know. You don’t want to start something brand new somewhere else that’s unknown to you, you know, a new culture. I feel like my grandma did a lot of that pushing to kind of okay, well, all of my grandkids are already older, this is the youngest. You should go. You should start a better life for her and this and that. That’s what made her come here, once she was already here she loved it and now she doesn’t want to go back home, but she loves it. A lot of people that just live like you’re on vacation in Cuba, you have to work for what you have but a lot of that being you are in a communist place. A lot of it is handed to you in small portions like say your food and stuff like that. You have this little notepad, and they mark down every pound they give you. Every loaf of bread that they give you, we do have other stores that are of course with dollars and you go and purchase whatever else you may need. But yeah, everything’s so controlled, really. And there’s a lot of freedom, but those kinds of things are controlled, like alcohol like per se, if you want to drink a beer. Good luck, like you have to pay a lot of money to drink a beer there. Alcohol, that’s out of the question for you. You can find alcohol anywhere but you’re drinking that 100% alcohol.”

“My mother makes me – me.”

“I could literally trip and I’m calling my mom and telling her about this trip. She’s like, ‘Okay, why are you calling me and telling me you trip? Did you get up from the floor?,’ like Yeah, I am. ‘Okay, we’ll get up.’ I can literally be sad. And when I start feeling sad and I go, there’s something in the aura. Hold on, let me call my mom, let me restart this. My mom on the phone, and I’m like, ‘Mom, I’m feeling sad,’ and she’ll be like, ‘Well, what the heck do you want me to do about it.’ Thank you, Mom, I love you, and then all of a sudden I’m in a good mood. I noticed something about my mom. She’s like my Energizer Bunny battery. She definitely gives me all the knowledge, my mom is really sweet. My mom is the type of person that might know that you’re the devil but she still sees you for the good, and she’ll still treat you for the good. I’m one of those type of persons that I don’t want to address it right there, you just lost a friend kind of thing you know like I would distance myself before it will get confrontational. I just don’t like making people feel bad and I have a very smart mouth. I’m a Libra, with all my sweetness and everything, I do have a little evil thing to be mean but more articulate. I don’t just blow up on people so I kinda wait and she taught me that I suppose.” 

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